Calor systems...

We are an appointed Calor super installer & can complete a switchover in just one day!





1200 litres of free gas -

When you switch with us you recieve 1200 litres of gas absolutly free 

One day installation -

Switching out your oil tank and boiler for a new Calor bulk tank and high efficiency gas boiler can be completed in just one day by our panel of qualified installers.

No more headaches -

When you switch to a Calor bulk tank from oil you can say goodbye to running out of fuel, and even fuel theft. We monitor your tank remotely and automatically top it up for you - ensuring you never run out. Our gas cannot be stolen, so you can rest assured your fuel stays secure in your tank.

Do more with gas -

Did you know just how many things Calor gas can power in your home? It's time to sit back and enjoy cosy central heating, instant hot water, controllable cooking, a real flame fire and efficient tumble drying.

All of this can improve the energy efficiency of your home by up to 30%.