Multi-room control...

Multi-room zoning

Control each room seperatly!

The multi-room zoning will reduce your fuel bill while increasing the comfort of your home significantly.

The system allows each radiator to be controlled separately giving you independent time and temperature heating zones.

This will allow you to have complete  control 

over the heating system.

The system is wirelessly controlled.


An example:

Your kitchen and living room can be set to

pre-heat the room to 20 deg C before the

user gets home from work, which means

arriving home to a warm environment.

Another example is pre-heating a bedroom

and bathroom in the morning to provide

more pleasant environment while not

unnecessarily heating unoccupied rooms.


The system can be controlled through the internet using your smartphone, tablet or laptop


Because the system is wireless, it makes retrofitting much less invasive which means no ripping up floorboards, re-piping or ugly boxing.



This is a sure fire way of cutting out energy waste!


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